Mother’s Day

What is your ideal Mother’s Day?


Mine is sitting in my favourite chair, my floor stand in front of me, a glass of water beside me, while I stitch away on my latest project.  Or maybe one from my WIP (or should I say, UFO) pile.  At regular intervals during the day, my beautiful children graciously serve me with wonderful meals they have prepared.  The dogs sitting at my feet.


My reality is more likely to be running around like a headless chook, taking one child to basketball training in the morning and to a game in the afternoon, fielding frequent requests for attention from another, and discussing the importance of cleaning a bedroom with the third.

Ahhhh.  I can dream, can’t I?

In the meantime, have a look at the store.  It is getting there.  As of tonight I have over 430 charts on the website.  Maybe there is one there that tickles your fancy?  And while you are at it, have you signed up for the newsletter yet?

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