More charts

I love school holidays, especially now my children are teenagers.  I get a little more uninterrupted time to work on the website.  So far today I have uploaded around another 20 – 30 charts.  But I have come across a problem.  Some of the pictures I used on the old website have gone missing.  I will have to scan the missing images later this weekend.

One of the things I love about redoing my shopping cart (about the only thing if I am telling the full truth!) is coming across designs that I have forgotten about, but absolutely must stitch.


I had forgotten about The Birdkeeper.  The shop only has one copy of this beautiful design left.


Then there is Eliza Adams.  (Found here)  It is such a sweet little sampler that I think I will have to stitch this one this weekend.  I have suitable fabric in my stash, I am just not sure what the threads are.  Maybe DMC?

Over the weekend I am planning to work on some of the other pages as well.  Two major improvements need to be the About page and the Contacts page.

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